Student Activities
How to Become A Member Of the Student Union
- The Youth Care Department holds annual elections for the student union pursuant to a time schedule and terms that must be met by the candidates, to be sent by the Ministry of Higher Education.
- The election phases start by opening the door for candidates for all students of the Institute from among the different study years.
- The second phase is running main elections so that students could elect two from each study year for each one of the activity committees such as follows : sports committee – social and trips committee – art committee – scientific research and technology committee – scouts and public service committee – culture committee – societies committee) as members of the student union.
- The third phase is running elections among the members of the union to elect a secretary and assistant secretary for each committee.
- The fourth phase is running elections among the secretaries of committees and assistant secretaries to elect the secretary of the student union and the union’s assistant secretary.
- According, the administration chain is completed inside the student union of the Institute to start its work in serving students and seeking the implementation of their requests in the different activities in their leisure times.
- A special budget is determined for the student union to spend from it on the different activities under the supervision of the dean of the Institute.
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