Student Activities
Artistic Activity & Concerts

Objectives :

- Raise the artistic level of students and encourage them so that the art could play its role in relieving tension and anxiety and raise their morals.

- Discover the gifted elements in the different artistic fields and provide them with all capabilities required to manifest their talents and develop their skills.

- Provide care to develop artistic talents, satisfy their hobbies and potentials and raise the level of aesthetic sense and the artistic taste of students.

- Raise the awareness and education and prepare the students artistically to contribute to solving social problems and participate in the development of the community.

- Inflame the spirit of fair competition among artistic groups and distance them from western and harmful inclinations.

- Develop the sense of innovation and encourage it with students.

- Invest the leisure time of students in whatever benefits them.

About what was implemented :

- Organize concerts and fairs that manifest the artistic activity of students.

- Form theatrical acting groups, popular arts, singing, music and plastic art groups via concluding contracts with artistic cadres to discover the different talents, develop and uplift them.

- The Youth Care presents two plays during the academic year besides organizing a fair for plastic arts and forming a coral team to participate in the contests of the Ministry of Higher Education.

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