Student Activities
Sports Activity

Objectives :

- Expand the bases of practitioners of students to sports activities.

- Make use of the activity of students in their leisure time in the manner that benefits them and benefit their country.

- Raise the levels of performance in institutes in the fields of activities by providing the training requirements and the suitable opportunities via meetings and internal and external contacts, organizing internal championships and participating in external championships, while paying attention to outstanding students and champions in such activities.

- Contribute to solving many behavioral problems that face the students of the Institute such as shyness, introversion, negativeness, stubbornness and obliqueness by encouraging them to participate in the different aspects of sports activities that agree with their inclinations and desires.

About what was implemented :

- Give students the chance to ride horses inside the Institute.

- Organize sporting tournaments in the different games.

- Conclude contracts with specialized coaches in the following games (football – volleyball – handball – basketball – Kong Fu) to raise the student participation in the different games.

- Organize friendly matches with other institutes in the different games.

- Participate in the contests of the Ministry of Higher Education for group and individual games

- Host the Body Building Championship of the country.

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