Copyright law applies to photograph only 10% of scientific material, whether graduation project or a particular book.
1. all scientific subjects are portrayed inside the library .
1. Library offers printed materials research Written by students .
2. The printing exam questions for previous years.
Computer Service
It is provided computer equipment to the two libraries where students can access to research on the Internet or an automated search system for books and they can practice on Visual Basic programs or access to news sites.
Ask a Librarian Service
New service provided by the library by sending an inquiry to library Email that

Phones students
Library offers an introductory service for new students and introduce them to the library activities and services provided to them.
Rooms of Discuss projects
• To reserve rooms for groups of students to discuss the project or for the purpose of the school, click here. We will be booking him for two hours.
Book groups form consisting of rooms
• explains the student
Name • The names of the students with him 
• band 
• Division
• academic purpose
• the timing of the room Book

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