General rules for the use of the library
1. must deliver your Rnah the current academic year to a specialist library
2. timeliness of the library every day from 9 to 3.30 pm
3. preservation of library holdings
4. Do not try to get out any of the library's holdings illegally even not accustomed to expose sanctions toughened
5. No smoking inside the library
6. not allowed to eat foods and beverages library
7. utilizing the computer for scientific purposes only
8. not to use mobile cameras in the filming of scientific materials the library
9. leave the books on the table after the completion and not replayed shelf
10. leaving personal belongings in the secretariats when entering the library
11. Please complete tranquility library
12. not allowed to hear the music inside the library
13. Please shut down the mobile phone, or turn it to silent mode when entering the library
14. access to newspapers and periodicals in the library only
The rules of the use Rooms of Discuss projects
1. Rooms used for groups of study and scientific discussions between students or faculty members or their assistants as well as employees Institute.
2. not allowed to hear the songs rooms
3. are not allowed to enter fewer than four members and no more than 10 members
4. allows the beneficiary using the screen room only for scientific purposes.
5- Send the student's name,  department, and the time of booking to library email

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