a) Registration for Egyptian students:
  • The Academy accepts Egyptian students who have obtained the certificate of General Secondary Education (GSE) and Arts diploma ( 3-5 years ) submitted either through the Tansik Office or online via the website
  • The Department of Student Affairs assists students from Egypt or from other Arab countries who have been nominated for the academy in the application process.
  • The Academy is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and is included in the institutes guide book along with a tansik number.
b) Registration for Egyptian Students who have certificates from the Arab or Foreign Countries :
  • The Academy accepts Egyptian students who have received accredited certificates from Arab or foreign countries, and who apply through the main tansik office.
c) Direct Registration:
  • The Academy accepts students who have not applied through the Tansik office in the previous academic year and who would like to be enrolled in the current year. In this case, these students may present their documents directly to the academy.
d) Registration for non-Egyptian students:
  • Registration through the internet is via the website of the cultural affairs sector and missions in the Ministry of Higher education, provided that enrollment procedures are to be completed through the office of the foreign students affairs in the ministry.
  • Alternatively, students can apply directly through the Ministries of Higher Education in their own countries.
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