Future Academy Students @ Udacity Festival 2018(#UFest 18)
Future Academy Students 
@ Udacity Festival 2018(#UFest 18)

About UFest 18
Udacity provides world-class education in innovative fields such as artificial intelligence. uFest'18 is a festive event happening in more than 1 country globally and connecting avid technology learners through a series of sessions on the latest technologies conducted by key industry figures and motivational speeches delivered through video conference by global Top Disruptors. From transforming industries to transforming their careers, Udacity students create the future they know is possible - for themselves, their communities and the world. With more than 50,000 alumni around the globe, we’re celebrating the determination, spirit, and grit that unites us in a weekend festival.

Future Academy Students
A group of about 30 computer science student with Dr. Essam Eliwa and Ms. Marwa Gaber has attended UFest 18 in Cairo. The event took place in the Greek Campus the place that has Egypt's most innovative SMEs and startups. The student’s feedback on the day was very positive and they enjoyed the experience. In addition the Udacity Cairo team was very happy for Future Academy interest and participation in the event.

Throughout the day students attended a variety of session including:
•Udacity graduates success stories
•Digital Marketing
•Text Mining 
•Machine Learning
•Android development

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