Is the late Mr. / Fouad Habib, a pioneer of science teachers as dedicated his life in the service of education.

Due to his love for the teaching profession and his faith in the forces of private education which the message was considered complementary to the formal education of necessity he created several private educational institutions began in 1952.

Over the centuries has been honored Mr. / Fouad Habib for his leadership in the field of quality education, Mr. President Gamal Abdel Nasser and gentlemen members of the Revolutionary Command Council prefer to receive him, and with him a group of his sons in Abdeen Palace, Mr. President, and encouraged him to continue and progress in the educational process.

In 1979 he was honored by President Mohamed Anwar Sadat as a pioneer of private education in Egypt and when he headed the state policy to pay attention to qualitative education initiated the establishment of the first Institute of computers in Egypt in 1986.

And it rolled up successes culminated in the establishment of the academy in 1993 with all its various institutes, including the Higher Future Institute for Specialized Technological Studies .

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