Board of Directors
The Academy pays special attention to the selection of its academic and administrative cadres from the standpoint of its pioneering education philosophy that is based on providing distinct university education to the student in the manner that agrees with his personal capabilities and potentials in the majors available at the Academy.

It always endeavors to improve the level of performance inside the departments of the Academy and the continuous human development of its cadres via holding training courses and providing training on the modern management methods.

Board of Directors: 

Name                                      Position
Prof.Dr. Safia Abbas Mahomoud Abbas Dean of the Academy
Dr. Mahmoud El Sayed Mostafa Gabr Vice Dean of the Academy
Dr. Laila Hady Mahmoud Shaltout Tenured Professor
Prof.Dr. Saleh Hashem Mostafa President of Ain Shams University & former Head of Arab Universities Federation
Dr. Sameh Fouad Habib Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Future Association
Prof.Dr. Tamer Abdel Manam Rady Professor of Economics, Ain Shams University
Prof.Dr. Mona Edward Saba Former Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Suez University
Prof.Dr. Hamed Mohamed Mohamed Nassar Tenured Professo, Department of Computers and Information, Suez University
Mr. Seif Sameh Fouad Habib Chairman of the Board of Directors of Future Academy
Mr. Maher Nagy Shehata Manager of External Relations at the Academy

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