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1. Candidates holding the qualifications of the current year
The e-admissions website for acceptance into faculties and institutes must be accessed
Then the type of qualification is selected to access its page.

The following data with be requested :
Seat no. – the PIN – the confirmation no. that appears before you on the screen
Press “enter”.
Your data will appear to you such as the name, the gross total, the first language total, the second language total and others for revision after which the preferences selection page will appear showing two options :

First option :
Determining the major showing several majors and whatever relates to joining the Academy, namely the following majors :
- Computer Science Higher Institute to select the Computer Division.
- Computer & Information Systems Higher Institute to select the Information Systems Division.
- Management Sciences Higher Institute – Accounting to select the Business Administration & Accounting Division (Arabic or English).

Second option :
Determining the faculty – the institute by the same order of the major
- Higher Technology Institute for Computer Specialized Sciences, Cairo-Ismailia
- Higher Future Institute for Specialized Technological Studies, Information Systems, KM 32 Cairo-Ismailia
- Higher Future Institute for Specialized Technological Studies, Management, KM 32 Cairo-Ismailia
To joint the English Division, this is carried internally at the Academy after the candidate fulfills the English language total of 75%.
After completing the selection of all preferences on the page press “next” another page appears showing the order of the preferences selected before for revision and confirmation by entering the seat no. the Pin, the national no. comprising 14 digits, the mobile phone no. and the confirmation no. that appears on the screen. Press “registration” where a screen that appears for printing that contains the preferences selection order and the personal data which is like a receipt for registering the preferences on the website of the Tertiary Admissions Center website which must be kept until declaring the admission results.
Upon completing the preferences registration period in full, the results of the nomination for the faculties and institutes are displayed. The candidate shall print the nomination card mentioning the name of the institute and recording the major that he wishes to join
after which he proceeds to the Academy holding the following documents to complete

the admission procedures :
The original secondary qualification certificate
The birth certificate
Copy of the personal identity card
6 personal photos
Form 2 Soldier for male candidates
Military Card 6 for male candidates
He then proceeds to the Candidate Affairs Department and opens an application file
Candidates holding qualifications from the previous year who did not apply and candidates enrolled in other faculties and institutes are admitted via the Candidate Affairs Department at the Academy.
We are pleased to answer all your inquiries across the ​24772248 - 24772249 - 01221732300 - 01221732299, ext. 610 Candidate Affairs Department.
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